Waves of new Brazilian film

This year the London International Documentary Festival will present four Brazilian films dealing with different themes…
On May 1st (6.30pm) the Tricycle Cinema will screen Rio Breaks, by Justin Mitchell and Vince Medeiro (the latter being from Huck Magazine and Little White Lies). The film follows the story of two young best friends, Fabio and Naama, as they navigate their way between the dangers of life in the slums and the joys of surfing on their favourite beach, dreaming of winning a competition and becoming professional surfers.

On Thursday 6th (8.30pm), again at the Tricycle Cinema, it’s time for High-Rise, a revealing examination of rich penthouse dwellers in poverty-filled Brazil. The film, directed by Gabriel Mascaro, presents an analysis of the dominant Brazilian classes through a dialogue with the inhabitants of nine penthouse apartments in the cities of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Recife.

Finally, on May 8th (2.30pm) the British Museum presents the shocking truth of Human Organ Traffic in Roberto Orazi and Alessandro Giliolti’s film H.O.T. The documentary exposes the protagonists of this global trade: the donors, often coerced or tricked into having a part of their body removed, with the false promise of a job or of receiving a substantial amount of money, the mediators, the organ-hunters, and the criminals who organise the smuggling of people and organs across different countries and continents.

And finally Because We Were Born was shown on April 23rd. Fourteen-year-old Nego and fifteen-year-old Cocada meet every day at a petrol station near their favela in Pernambuco, where they try to make a little money to support themselves and their families. The world of these two boys, old before their time, has little in common with how the people they exchange a few words with now and then at the petrol station imagine childhood to be. Yet both believe that somehow they will fulfill their dreams.


London International Documentary Festival
23rd April – 8th May

Various times and prices
Various venues across London

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