The year of Wagner Moura in Europe

This year could be a watershed in the career of Wagner Moura, one of Brazil’s most prolific and inventive actors. He is engaged in two major Brazilian-European co-productions, which could help him to gather acclaim outside his birth nation.

Moura was the the star of Elite Squad (by Brazilian director José Padilha), which won the Berlin Golden Bear in 2008, but his name is hardly recognisable to people in the UK and other European countries.

He will be in the Berlin Film Festival once again this year, this time with director Karim Aïnouz (also Brazilian), in the Brazilian-German co-production Praia do Futuro (pictured above). The movie is also vying for the Festival’s top prize, the Golden Bear*.

Aïnouz’s latest endeavour was filmed mostly in Berlin and Fortaleza. It tells the story of a Brazilian lifeguard who crosses the Atlantic in search of a gay lover and a new life.

Trash is an upcoming British drama-thriller film by Stephen Daldry written by Richard Curtis, based on a 2010 novel of same name by Andy Mulligan. The British-Brazilian co-production stars the American veterans Rooney Mara, Martin Sheen and the Brazilian stars Wagner Moura and Selton Mello.

The book by Andy Mulligan is about three boys who live on a rubbish dump in an unnamed developing country. Their lives change dramatically when they come across a mysterious leather bag and end up on the frantic run from the authorities.

The two international co-productions could win Moura the international recognition that he deserves. JungleDrums is in touch with both teams and will keep you updated. So watch out for some exciting interviews!

* ‘Praia to Futuro’ did not win the Berlin Golden Bear, which instead went to the Chinese film ‘Black Coal, Thin Ice’

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