Suburban Madness amid Hackney Film Festival

A delicate short Brazilian film provides a portrait of one of the most unique carnival blocks you’ll ever find.

Wow, who’s this character? All that booze is really taking its toll on Adriano.
Very funny. That’s not Adriano. It’s Seu Antonio.

Oh, sorry. Wait a minute, who’s Seu Antonio?
He’s part of a group called Loucura Suburbana, who’ve been shaking their stuff at Rio’s carnival since way back.

I see. And there was I thinking it was just an old guy in a crazy costume.
Well, it is an old guy in a crazy costume. But he’s not just any old guy. Seu Antonio is one of the stars of a new short movie called “Suburban Madness,” telling the story of a unique psychiatric institute on the outskirts of Rio whose inmates form Loucura Suburbana every year as part of an innovative music therapy treatment.

Awesome. But hold up, why?
The idea is to challenge people’s preconceptions about mental illness, and make the point that madness can have an important role to play within society. And obviously, as one of the most insane events on the face of the earth, carnival seemed like the logical place to prove it.

It does sound interesting, but I suppose this is just another obscure Brasilian documentary that I’ll never get a chance to see, right?
What are you, crazy? The film’s rather appropriately showing at the fantastic Rio cinema in Dalston on September 18th as part of the 1st Annual Hackney Film Festival.

By Tom Crookston


Suburban Madness @ Rio Cinema
Sept 18th, 3:45pm, £5/£4 concs

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