Senna to open London International Documentary Festival

The new documentary about the life and death of Ayrton Senna will be the opening film of the London International Documentary Festival this year.

The festival will run from May 13th until the 28th with Senna being shown on the opening night at 8pm. Other interesting documentaries about Latin American culture include a short film about Paulo Werneck, a collaborator of Oscar Niemeyer, entitled Paintbrushes and Panels, Beyond The Sea about a young girl who moves from Italy to Argentina, Guañape Sur – a short film set in Peru about harvesting bird excrement (!), The Chilean Building about a project in Chile after the dictatorship, a short entitled Blue Night Club documenting the lives of coffee plantation workers in Brazil, and finally, Maids and Bosses, a look at the role between those two professions across Latin America.

Full details of all the films can be found at the London International Documentary Festival website.

Here’s the trailer for Senna:

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