Ross Kemp’s Amazon Battle

The actor and journalist’s two-part documentary about the Amazon forest screens on Sky.

Best known for his part in the soap East Enders, Kemp claims he’s no environmentalist, but he sure could be a good one. The actor/journalist presents this Tuesday and Wednesday a documentary that explores the challenges of preserving the Amazon regions of Brazil and Ecuador. The shows look into the great devastation created by the global demand for energy, food and mineral resources. It also investigates how oil companies and other kinds of dealings such as soya plantations, gold mining and also cocaine production take their toll on the forest.

First the journalist travels to the Ecuadorian rainforest to show how oil extraction is leading to deforestation and enormous levels of pollution, and then he crosses into Brazil to examine  illegal trade. The soap opera star’s documentary alerts the world affirming the devastating truth: that the Amazon is disappearing at an alarming rate and that we will all suffer as a result. But, escaping from the usual eco-film format, it also offers possible solutions and investigates governmental proposals to deal with the problem.

10pm on 20th April (part I) and 21st April (part II)
Sky1 HD

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