Quickflick London call for entries & Screening party

It’s been a while since we’ve been down to the Roxy to see our friends there, but check out their forthcoming event: Quickflick London invites YOU to make a three minute MUSICAL!

Haven’t watched one in a while? I’ll jog your memory: The Sound of Music is a story about a Nun who would fulfil her monastic dream if only the mother superior would stop shouting at her to ‘climb every mountain’; The Fiddler on the Roof, is what it sounds like; The Wizard of Oz is when Judy Garland takes acid and has an orgy with midgets, a scarecrow, a lion and so on; Grease is set in the year 3000 when the Psychlos rule the Earth and John Travolta is their security chief.

Quickflick films are 180 seconds, and comply with a theme – this time it’s MUSICAL. There is also a non-compulsory technical parameter of SPOTLIGHT for filmmakers who like a challenge.

The deadline for your MUSICAL entries is March 18th, 2011. Just make a film!

Use any camera, any software, any actors, and any setting you like.

Arrange your film submission with gideon@quickflick.tv and come to the party for a night full of surprises.

the hiiiiiiiiiiills are aliiiiiiive!


DEADLINE: March 18th, 2011
Screening party @ Roxy Bar and Screen
Tuesday, March 22nd, 8pm

Contact: gideon@quickflick.tv

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