Lula’s legacy, on the silver screen

Whilst Dilma picks up the presidential baton, the film Lula, the Son of Brazil tells the tale of how her predecessor led the country to where it is today, with a special screening in London at the Tricycle.

At the end of his presidential run, Lula da Silva leaves Brazil in a gracious position. Under his presidency 32 million people managed to escape the ball and chain of misery and transform into more active consumers, he settled the IMF debt, still managing to lend some to the rich, catapulting minimum wage to a number weighing 200 healthy dollars in comparison to a previous starving 64 USD.

This is the man that managed to harbour alliances with both his Latin American and socialist buddies, Fidel, Morales and Chavez, as well as with the Americans, and is already being quoted by the Palestinians to talk peace with Israel.

These are a few of the many accomplishments that play a powerful juxtaposition to his humble beginnings. Lula the “illiterate”, Lula the “non-academic”, has after all a politian’s flare and relatability that is unprecedented in modern history, a ‘gutter rainbow’, or perhaps a rose that grew from concrete.

Catch the makings of a common man in the movie Lula, the Son of Brazil, documenting right from his ‘Tricycle Diaries’ up until his famous Unionist days, at an exclusive showing on 24th February, 8.45pm (see here).

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Directed by Fábio Barreto (whose film O Quatrilho was nominated for the Foreign Language Academy Award in 1996), and based on the book by Denise Paraná, Lula, The Son of Brazil brings to the screen the trajectory of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, from his birth, in 1945, until 1980, when he was a famous union leader.

Filmed in two states (Pernambuco and São Paulo), seven cities and 70 locations, the film follows the life of Lula, from the arid homeland in Pernambuco, where he was born, to the periphery of Santos, where he was raised, through the factories and the unions of ABC Paulista. Depicting the early life of the man who went on to become the 35th President of Brazil, and was last year listed as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World (The Times, 2010), this is the story of a common man, his family and his extraordinary capacity to overcome difficulties.


BRAZIL: Lula, the Son of Brazil (Lula o filho do Brasil)
8.45pm, Thursday 24 Feb
Tricycle Cinema

Tickets: £9.50/8.50
Box Office: 020 7 328 1000

Photos by Otávio de Souza

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