London Premiere of Rubber @ Ritzy Picturehouse

Sometimes things crop up that don’t really fit into the Latin American world but yet seem too interesting not to mention. Rubber is one of these things; a film about a killer tyre, directed by the man who brought us Flat Eric. It will be showing at midnight this Friday as part of the Culture Shock and Midnight Movies seasons.

If you were in England in 1999 you would most certainly have heard “Flat Beat,” a ridiculously catchy, deranged beat that became a huge hit thanks to featuring the legendary Flat Eric as well as being in a Levi’s TV commercial, which has never done any harm to anyone’s career (where are you

target=”_blank”>Babylon Zoo?). Well, the man behind that song is back. Quentin Dupieux (though you may remember his as Mr Oizo) is in London to premiere his new feature, Rubber.

Rubber is the absurd tale of a killer tyre that goes on the rampage. Think of horror classics like The Fog or Christine and you surely can’t be too far off.

The event will start just before midnight (23:50pm) with a themed party of Americana DJs and cocktails, before a special introduction and a short film curated by the people at London Short Film Festival.

There is a dress code apparently: “rubber wear or tourist attire: bring your binoculars!” Not sure what that means but there will be prizes for the best-dressed.

Rubber is being hosted by Culture Shock and Midnight Movies. For all Culture Shock events check their Facebook page. For more information on Midnight Movies join their mailing list by emailing or find them on Facebook or Twitter

Rubber (London Premiere)
Ritzy Picturehouse Cinema, Brixton
Brixton Oval, Coldharbour Lane, London SW2 1JG
Box Office: 0871 902 5739
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And because we know you want to here it, here is “Flat Beat”:

And the film’s poster:

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