In Your Name (Film Review)

For many, Brazil means beautiful girls, samba and the most entertaining football the world has ever seen.
But it wasn’t always a free and joyful place in the land of green and yellow. During the military dictatorship of the 1970’s, it was a hard time for those who dared to fight back. In Your Name (Em Teu Nome), based on true accounts, doesn’t fail to show us how.

Boni (Leonardo Machado), a dedicated student, joins a revolutionary group and must overcome his doubts and fears in order to be a part of what he believes in. He meets Cecilia, initially rejected by the group and labeled an airhead, proves to be brave and very supportive to her love. She also plays a key part of their future and of the “Grupo dos Setenta” (“Group of 70″), an infamous group of political prisoners incarcerated on an island. Freed by bargaining for the abducted Swiss ambassador they are exiled to Chile. Boni and the group find ways of keeping in touch with the situation back home but realize they must fully understand society in order to change it.

With great acting and beautiful direction from Paulo Nascimento, the film has you laughing one minute and on the edge of your seat the next.

For me, the beauty of the film lies in the personal transformation the characters go through. From passionate students to engaged man and women, this people had substantial influence on the outcome of the history. Many young Brazilians have heard stories from friends or relatives caught up in the mess of the military period – some more terrible than one can imagine. In Your Name doesn’t shy away from these subjects. The strength and realism of the characters continues throughout the film and leaves you with a sense of pride, knowing what these people went through in order to allow Brazil to enjoy the freedom it has today.

by Nara Paiva / Hugo Darley

In Your Name will be released in UK cinemas in September/October this year.


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