London’s Brazilian Film Festival

Instigated by Circuito Inffinito, who showcase yearly the best of the country’s diverse cinema scene in eight cities across the globe, the second London edition kicks off with a Gala screening at the BAFTA with the unmissable Lula, The Son of Brasil. The film tells the story of the young mechanic who would go on to become president of Brasil. If you prefer your biography a little less serious, check out the glamorous and tragic story of popular entertainer-turned-pornstar Rita Cadillac – The Lady of The People. However, there’s plenty more to be seen, from a twisted rom-com about a threesome gone wrong to a series as part of Festival Brazil exploring the development, impact and influence of key figures in the music scene.

by Airton Rolim

Brazilian Film Festival
1st to 5th September
Apollo Cinema Piccadilly Circus, 19 Regent Street – SW1Y 4LR
0871 220 6000

1th September – Opening Night

Lula, The Son of Brazil (Lula, o Filho do Brasil) + After Party
Brazil 2009 Dir. Fábio Barreto 128min
Drama / 35mm / Cor
195 Piccadilly London W1J 9LN
+44 (0) 141 302 1770
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2th September

The Well Beloved One (O Bem Amado)
6pm, £12
Brazil 2010 Dir. Gueal Arraes 107min
Comedy / HD

Peacetime (Tempos de Paz)
8.30pm, £12
Brazil 2009 Dir. Daniel Filho
Drama / HD

3th September

The Normals (Os Normais)
6pm, £12
Brazil 2009 Dir. José Alvarenga Jr. 75min
Comedy / HD

Time of Fear (Salve Geral)
8.30pm, £12
Brazil 2009 Dir. Sergio Rezende 119min
Drama / HD

4th September

Equal for Everyone (Tamboro)
3.30pm, £12
Brazil 2009 Dir. Sergio Bernardes. 100min
Documentary / HD

Love Stories Only Last 90 Minutes (Histórias de amor duram apenas 90 minutos)
6pm, £12
Brazil 2010 Dir. Paulo Halm. 90min
Drama / HD

Blue eyes (Olhos Azuis)
8.30, £12
Brazil 2009 Dir. José Joffily 111min
Drama / HD

5th September
Rita Cadillac – The Lady of the People (Rita Cadillac – A Lady do Povo)
3.30pm, £12
Brazil 2007 Dir. Toni Venturi 75min
Documentary / HD

Elvis and Madona (Elvis e Madona)
6pm, £12
Brazil 2010 Dir. Marcelo Laffitte 100min
Comedy / HD

The Story of Me (O Contador de Histórias)
8.30pm, £12
Brazil 2009 Dir. Luiz Villaça 107min
Drama / 35mm

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