Angry Birds now crash in ‘’Rio’’

Given the patchy record of movie-inspired titles, it was more than reasonable when the executives of American studio 20th Century Fox thought of alternative ways to explore in gaming platforms the success of ‘’Rio’’, the animated comedy about smuggled birds and washed-out penguins that has been one the highest-grossing productions in 2011 (more than US$ 450 million worldwide). Pairing up the lot with another feathered blockbuster was the solution they found: since its launch last March, ‘’Angry Birds Rio’’, the latest chapter of the obsessive gaming application has been responsible for at least 35 million of the 200 millions dowloads registered by the franchise.

Mixing the characters from the movie with the coloured birds used to demolish walls and buildings, the game has tow major chapters, each with 30 levels. Alongside plaudits by the critics, the game seems to have hit the right note with the public: the first 10 million downloads took place in the game’s first 10 days of release. The plot is quite simple: using the ramming birds, one has to free movie characters from incarceration.

The game has proven to be a more popular choice than the movie at least in terms of official trailer views: over 8 million people watched the ‘’Angry Birds Rio’’ teaser on Youtube, more than double the number of views registered by the movie’s trailer. A new version using Rio’s much-loved beach volleyball is due later this year.
The collaboration, however, will certainly be good for Fox and especially Rovio, the Finland-based games developer that created ‘’Angry Birds’’. According to the latest figures, the company has already netted over US$ 70 million with sales of the franchise, a sum 500 times bigger than the one invested in its creation and marketing.
And we are not counting the merchandising revenues – yes, you can buy the birds in stuffed animal form, for example.

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