Talk: Portuguese Language Across the Globe – Past and Present

Canning House is to host a talk on the global presence of the Portuguese language by Regina dos Santos Duarte of the Camoes Institute on Thursday 26th January. The event marks the culmination of the Lusophone Fusions season and will be the final opportunity to see the ‘Gente’ photography exhibition.

Eduardo Lourenço, Portuguese philosopher, once said that “a language belongs to no one, but we are no one without the language that we make our one”. Portuguese is a blended language, with the mixed colours from ancient Celts and Moors, the harsh words of the Roman troops, the sweet vowels from the Atlantic ocean and the Luso’s hard consonants. It’s her mixed nature that sometimes lingers between the pride of being talked by millions all over the world, and the shyness of our smallness as a country. Past, present and future: greatness, decadence and rebirth, is this the path of the Portuguese language?

Regina dos Santos Duarte is responsible for the Portuguese Language Education in the United Kingdom, as a representative of the Camoes Institute in the Portuguese Embassy. Regina has taught Portuguese Language, in Lisbon and has coordinated the Portuguese Language Team in the Ministry of Education in Portugal for several years. Regina is concluding her PhD in Literature Teaching and is also a researcher for the European group Literary Framework for Students of Secondary Education.

Thursday 26th January, Free
Portuguese Language Across the Globe – Past and Present
Canning House,
2 Belgrave Square


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