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In 2000, Luke Dowdney set up Fight for Peace, a charity which helped Brazilian youngsters find sanctity through boxing. It started with just 10 youngsters and Luke. Today, there are over 1,800 kids involved with Fight for Peace in London and Brazil. LUTA clothing has extended this work with their collection of sportswear and casual wear, mixing the style of Rio with the demands of modern sports clothing. Crucially, profits from the clothing range go towards Fight for Peace.

This philanthropic spirit is one of the unique selling points of LUTA. The other is the fact that this is fight clothing made by people who have been in the ring. In addition to his 11 years with Fight for Peace, Luke was also a boxer and this has filtered through into the clothing range in it’s use of technology and revolutionary fabrics that will ensure the fighter gets the best possible comfort and performance from the clothing.

So, let’s look at the clothes, which is split into three ranges: Luta Pro representing the professional fight wear we just mentioned; Training Wear is ready for all kinds of training regimes; and Street Wear is the casual selection, representing both the style of fight wear and the comfort of casual clothing.

Luta Pro

A selection of rash guards, shorts and vests which have the kind of description that possible only make sense to fighters! For instance, LUTA’s Laser-Tech Rash Guard has “the added advantage of a bonded construction; laser cut panels and double taped seams are ultrasonically welded to promote zero friction, minimising chafing and irritation even in combat situations.” Though, we do understand the final sentence: “LUTA’s Laser-Tech Rash Guard serves well in high performance scenarios on the mat and in the gym, and also serves well as a technical multipurpose undergarment or training top,” we think.

And Luta’s summing up of the range:

Our LUTA PRO range combines the most advanced performance fabrics and technology with real fighters’ know-how. As part of our fightwear design and development process we receive feedback from hundreds of fighters as well as testing our gear on the mat and in the ring with multi-disciplined champions.

Training Wear

Comprised of training tops, shorts and vests, as well as track tops and pants, rash guards and hoodies. These are some really nice items which could also be worn in casual situations, especially the hoodies which will surely be very popular. Our favourite item is the LUTA Training Shorts with a simple black design, LUTA’s design ribbon running down the sides and the favela man logo popping up at the bottom. Importantly, they are extremely comfortable. We’ve worn them while doing all kinds of training and they never cause any discomfort.

Here’s how LUTA encapsulates the range:

Taking its cues from the rigours of fighters training regimes and employing the latest in high performance fabrics and design, our training wear is for those who are serious about getting fighting fit.

Street Wear

Essentially this is the range where you find your quality LUTA-emblazed shirts. There are a few different designs here, but in a myriad of different colours that should appeal to everyone. We’re big fans of the “rising favela man” design, as well as the “favela skyline.”

Working with designers from Rio de Janeiro’s favelas, our urban wear collection combines our fighting pedigree with the distinctive style and energy of the favela. Even the LUTA logo was inspired by pixação, an iconic form of graffiti native to Brazil.


The entire range of Luta’s clothing can be seen at their pop-up shop which has recently opened in Convent Garden.

LUTA Pop-Up Shop
Unit 15/16 Thomas Neal’s Centre
35 Earlham Street
Covent Garden
London WC2H 9LD

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