Brazilian flavours come to the fore in Festival Brazil

Even only a few years ago, a caipirinha made with sake, vodka or any other fruit except lime was simply unthinkable. But times have changed and Brasil’s national drink has gone international and it’s not without reason that, as part of the celebrations for Festival Brazil, you’ll come across cucumber caipirinhas, tailored to suit English taste buds.

This small part of the festival is called ‘Taste of Brazil’, and thirteen restaurants on London’s Southbank will be offering special Brasilian menus for the duration of the festival, the cucumber caipirinha being just one example of what you’ll come across.

Some restaurants will only be offering a soupçon of Brasilian flavours, such as the Italian restaurant Strada and its São Paulo-style wrapped chicken. Others, like Las Iguanas and Skylon, will be delving a little deeper into the world of Brasilian cuisine, offering Brasilian beers and more sophisticated dishes such as fish moqueca (fish simmered in coconut cream and oil), and feijoada (the traditional meat, rice and beans).Check out to the right Jungle’s picks of what not to miss throughout Taste of Brazil.


Festival Brazil: Taste of Brazil
Until September 5th, various prices & dates
0844 875 0073


The restaurant’s special menu with a Brasilian twist will be available for one weekend only – but it’s worth it, offering a mix of traditional Brasilian dishes and gastronomic innovations by Brasilian chef Jose Barattino.

16-17 July

Riverside terrace café & central bar terrace

If you like to innovate and try new things then why not sample the ‘English caipirinha made with cucumber?  If you’re a traditionalist on the other hand, you’ll still find the conventional version, as well as snacks like pão de queijo (cheese bread), cassava and manioc flour biscuits.

Party on the terrace

Party on the Terrace will take place across four weekends in July and August.  As well as performances from groups like Afro-Reggae, restaurants will be selling Brasilian-style snacks from specially-erected stands.

17-18 & 24-25 July
7-8 & 28-30 August

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