The Multiplicity of Brazil

Viviane Spena of the Cultural Institute Século Arte brings her fourth exhibition of Brazilian Art to Lauderdale House. Artists from the various regions of Brazil show their multiplicity and demonstrate their singular language.

Featured artists:
Claudio Souza Pinto
William Pereira
Thereza Toscano
Rosaly Gripp
Isabel Souza
Vânia Eimantas
Ulysses Nunes Sanches
Thaís Medeiros
Marta de Luka

Special appearance from Renato Oliveira with his piece “Coração de Gato”.


12th – 24th July, Free
The Multiplicity of Brazil
Lauderdale House
Waterlow Park
Highgate Hill
London N6 5HG
Telephone: 020 8348 8716

Opening Hours; Tue to Fri:11am to 4pm, Sun: midday to 5pm

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  1. Congratulations brazilian artists for exhibitions in London-UK in 2011! Thanks Jungle for publicity. Happy new year everything. ICSA – Viviane Spena

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