The Colombiage Salon: Music Made Me Do It

Colombiage have always excelled in organising events that embrace Colombian culture in many varied ways, and this year is no different. Their Colombiage Literary Salon will bring together a number of contemporary writers for a series of talks, followed by music, food and drink, as the debate continues.

The intention of the events are to “combine the high thought of books with the boogie down feeling of Colombian parranda”, as Colombiage very eloquently put it. Their first event is called Music Made Me Do It and is devoted to music and it’s relationship with literature.

The writers in attendance will be Tod Wodicka (discussing medieval chants and prog rock), Colin Grant (with a wealth of knowledge on reggae) and Oscar Guardiola-Rivera (examing the role of music in Latin American politics and culture), and the event will be chaired by Kevin Conroy Scott (agent, author and co-founder of Tibor Jones & Associates, who are supporting the literary series).

Additionally, there will be beer, food provided by Islington restaurant Sabor and a DJ set by Isa GT.


Tuesday 27th September, 7.30-11pm, £5
Colombiage Salon Series: Music Made Me Do It
The Piano House,
9 Brighton Terrace,
London SW9 8DJ
Price: £5

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