Play It Again, Solomon

Sarah de Carvalho is a brave woman and the author of a new novel called Solomon’s Song. The book is about searching for the key to the song of your life; something or someone you are meant to do or be. It can be a plan, a person, a place or your vocation in life.

The song of Sarah’s life is helping others instead of only focusing on herself and that is the way her life has been since she had “a call she couldn’t say no to”. Sarah was convinced about changing her life in London after seeing the reality of poor children’s lives in Brazil. She left behind a career in television production and film promotion and moved there in 1991, to the favela Morro do Boréu, Rio de Janeiro.

After 2 years, she founded the Happy Child Mission which works to rescue street children in the cities of Belo Horizonte (Southeastern Brazil) and Recife (Northeastern Brazil). Over the last 18 years, the Happy Child mission has helped over 8,500 street children by giving them education and training with the mission to transform physically, socially, emotionally, educational and spiritually both the lives of the children and that of their families. The current staff working in Brazil has 70 trained people providing short and long-term care for 120 children.

To write the book, Sarah drew on her experiences over the years in Brazil, living in the reality of a slum. The novel is about two young people who were born on the same day, separated by thousands of miles. In their different worlds, Keira Kavanagh lives a comfortable and wealthy life in Montana, USA, while Solomon Itaborahy, a gifted piano player, has a difficult one surrounded by poverty on the Brazilian streets.

His life changes dramatically when his father makes the wrong move by selling the family property in Serra dos Órgãos. This act leaves the family living in one of the many favelas in Rio de Janeiro. On the other hand, Keira’s life in a valley in Montana is about money and family mysteries, but everything changes when one of her friends gives his life to save hers and her mother then dies from cancer.

When the paths of these two characters cross they have the feeling that life will never be the same again. She is waiting for the right person to come along, however when he arrives he is studying to be a priest, she becomes engaged with someone else and there are lots of others family problems, but the book is also about finding out that feeling of belonging to someone or somewhere.

When I asked Sarah if she felt scared living in the slum in Brazil, she said: “My heart beat faster when I was there; I could identify with those people.” The book is exactly about that; people that don’t believe in happiness depend not on what they have, but on what they are. When you finally find the sense of stillness and peace, you know you are in the right place with the right people. If someday you find the song of your life there is only one thing you can do, don’t let it get away.”

by Julia Duarte

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    Thats a kind of act that unfortunatelly 99.9% of the humans don´t have. I include myself on that. World would be a better place to live with more people like that !!!!

    Hope to see more articles like that so good writen..

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