Pixels becoming Paint

Online brasilian and african art gallery springs to life for a day

The basement of London’s Troubadour Café has been graced by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan and Jimmy Page, but upstairs this May it’ll showcase the first physical exhibition of rising Brasilian artists from a new online gallery, nicolahall.com.

Having studied Art History and worked at the Royal Academy and Tryon Gallery, the website is passion and project of young English art dealer Nicola Elphinstone. But it was her partner’s international career which took them to Zimbabwe, Kenya and finally Brasil, immersing her in the vibrant art scenes abroad. Now representing and selling artists’ work from these countries, Nicola aims to “bring within reach original and affordable art”.

Launching the website in February, where she provides insight into each artist’s life with journal accounts, she recently returned from two years in Brasil. This month she’ll hold a one-day show presenting the work of three Brasilians: Menelaw Sete, ‘the Picasso of Brasil’ (above), a Salvador-based eccentric who once held an underwater exhibition; Túlio Pinto (below), with vast acrylic compositions bursting with colour; and Fábio Merker (top image), fascinated by degrees of dis/organisation, adapting the Brasil flag moto as ‘Order and Chaos’, mixing ridgid motifs with (uncontrollable) dripping paint. Catch their work before it’s back to hyperreality.


May 21st, 10am-6pm, FREE
236-267 Old Brompton Road- SW5 9JA

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