Manguebeat masterpainter

The UK first saw Brazilian graffiti nearly 10 years ago, when work by Os Gêmeos (The Twins) took over the Tate Modern, the walls of several London buildings and even Kelburn Castle in Scotland. Now a fresh breath of talent and creativity is about to hit the country, as Recife artist Derlon Almeida reaches the East End of London.

Featured and interviewed in Michael Palin’s BBC documentary about Brazil last year, the self-taught artist will present a a mix of graffiti, street art, wood cuts (xylography) and pop art at Gallery 71A. The exhibition is called “From Manguetown: The Urban art of Derlon”. It is produced by Instituto BR, and sponsored by the Government Pernambuco and King´s Brazil Institute, with the cultural support of the Embassy of Brazil in London and The Church of London Creative Agency. Derlon has already showcased his work in Amsterdam and Lisbon, as well as several Brazilian cities.

Derlon’s streak is at once unparalleled and graspable. He plays with various elements of Brazilian popular culture and visual language, creating his very singular expression. He has already found a firm footing in the Brazilian contemporary urban art scene.

The exhibition will open on July 17th with free drinks and a warm welcome by the artist himself.

Also, on the 11th of July, Derlon will take part in a talk held at the Embassy of Brazil in London, called “Manguetown Graffitti & Brazilian Street Art”. The artist will be joined by designer and urban art specialist Tristan Marco. The event is also free.

From Manguetown: The Urban art of Derlon
18 Jul – 23 Jul
Gallery 71A
71A, Leonard Street, EC2A 4QS
0207 729 3675

Watch below the video where Derlon appears alongside Michael Palin.

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