Gustavo Ciriaco & Andrea Sonnberger – Here Whilst We Walk

Once, there was something quite simply called “a walk”. One used to walk around, without a destination, in no hurry; observed what there was to see and listened to whatever there was to hear. Somehow this has gone out of style. One no longer walks for the fun of it, but to arrive at a destination.

In their performance Here Whilst We Walk, artist Andrea Sonnberger and Brazilian Gustavo Ciríaco demonstrate just how much we miss out on in doing so. You are invited to wander through the streets, observing each detail, without being noticed, without impressing yourself onto the surrounding landscape, an observer of modern cities under non-stop transformation, and a witness of amazing and subtle spectacles in front of your very eyes. Here Whilst We Walk has travelled the world and now returns to the streets of Chelsea.


Saturday 30th July, 11am, 1.30pm and 3.30pm, Free
Gustavo Ciriaco & Andrea Sonnberger – Here Whilst We Walk
Chelsea Theatre
World’s End Place
Kings Road
London SW10 0DR

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