Elite Squad actor brings acclaimed play to London

Established in 2007 and always showcasing the most innovative theatre productions from Latin America, CASA Theatre Festival is back with seven award‐winning shows from Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico alongside new work from UK‐based emerging Latin American theatre makers.

Fans of Brazilian hit film Elite Squad – The Enemy Within will have the opportunity to watch on stage the acclaimed actor Julio Adrião as Johan Padam, a good for nothing country bumpkin, who somehow finds himself sailing to the New World with Colombus only to be captured by native tribe on Dario Fo’s classic play The Discovery of the Americas. His radical interpretation won the Shell Prize, Brazil’s biggest acting award, in 2005.

CASA’s fifth edition starts on the 7th of September and runs for nine days and will also brings the premiere of Jemmy Button, the “civilised savage” who sailed on the Beagle with Darwin, by acclaimed Chilean theatre company Tryo Teatro Banda.

Other highlights include “A Cidade das Donzelas” (The City of Maidens) which will be performed in Portuguese with English surtitles and will use traditional North East Brazilian masks, music and dance.  The play is a dark and modern fairy‐tale about a man who stumbles into a city where only the ugliest of women live, and no man has been seen for hundreds of years.

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