Elephant Parade

Street art on the march

Q – How do elephants find each other in the dark?
A – Delightful!

Yes, elephants have been inspiring humans since time immortal – and they’re revered as symbols of good luck, wealth, prosperity and fertility in many different cultures all over the world. But now it’s time for us to show them some love and that’s why, this month, London’s nooks and crannies are playing host to over 250 baby Asian elephants.

The fiberglass statues are life-sized – but that’s about where reality ends and elephantsy begins (hoho!); each one has been decorated by an international artist or designer, with heavyweight names such as Paul Smith, Lulu Guiness and Diane von Furstenberg all joining in.

Milo Tchais is one of several Brazilian artists who’s had the chance to personalise one of the elephants: “it’s about saving the planet, and helping… showing that we’re causing a huge impact and we have to do something about it.”

The statues will be auctioned off at a glitzy, star-studded event at auction house Sotheby’s, where it’s hoped they’ll raise over £1million for the conservation of Asian elephants – these beautiful animals face extinction by 2050 unless drastic action is taken.


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