Dali and the City: Surrealist Sculptures

Dali’s Alice in Wonderland sculpture to make it’s debut in the UK, alongside an exhibition of sculptures, prints and collages.

Salvador Dali’s Alice in Wonderland monument hasn’t previously been seen in the UK, which is why we’re a little bit excited about it coming to town. The piece will be installed in the centre of London.

This will coincide with an indoor exhibition of sculptures, prints and original collages, which will be installed within the Moor House space. Alongside sculptural masterpieces such as The Profile of Time, Horse Saddled with Time, Lady Godiva with Butterflies and Man with Butterfly, the collection will also include graphic artworks, prints and mixed media works.

Back to Alice in Wonderland though. Supposedly Lewis Carroll was a big influence on Dali, who particularly enjoyed the humour in Carroll’s books. The bronze Alice in Wonderland monument, which is 5 metres high, was conceived in 1977. Over the best part of the last twenty years it has travelled to Florence, Rome, Paris, Sydney, Singapore and Hong Kong, before finally finding a new home in London.


Apr 1st – June 30th
Dali and the City: Surrealist Sculptures
Moor House
120 London Wall, London. EC2
020 7614 0600
Tube: Moorgate/Bank


Here is a photo of the monument that’s got us all talking:

And here’s another piece, part of Dali’s Tarot Cards series – entitled Diez de Copas – that will be part of the indoor exhibition:

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