Bruno 9li

Bruno 9li @ The Rag Factory

The forthcoming LAVA Collective group exhibition will showcase the work of Brazilian artist Bruno 9li. After successful exhibitions in Denmark, Italy and Spain, 9li (pronounced ‘Noveli’) will bring his “entities”, as he defines the characters in his compositions, to the UK. “[They] are the gap between man and nature, warriors from civilizations that can see what is invisible to our eyes and indecipherable for our minds”, explains 9li.

Sharing the show with 9li and two others, Ashes57 and Vitriol, the artist Talita Hoffmann, from Porto Alegre, will be presenting her paintings for the first time in the UK: “I want to get to know the audience in London and see how they react to my work”.

Although their pieces somehow represent the chaos of the contemporary, both 9li and Talita dedicate rather a lot of time to planning. “People say my work is chaotic so they maybe think it’s been done in a chaotic way, but it’s the opposite”, explains 9li. As for Talita, she usually begins with small illustrations that get added together in an initial draft, “it’s only after this stage that I start to pass it to paper or canvas”.

By Zaira Brilhante

30th April – 3rd May, 12pm-7pm, FREE
The Rag Factory
16 Heneage Street – E1 5LJ • 020 7650 8749
Aldgate East/Whitechapel

Check out an interview with Bruno 9li on the LAVA Collective website here.


  1. Many thanks to everyone who attended this event- we were thrilled to have Bruno 9li and Talita Hoffmann here in London and were blown away by their work. We still have some original artwork for sale, email info@lavacollective for details- we will also have some limited edition Bruno 9li prints and T shirts on our store soon

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