Brazil’s seat amid Design Awards

For the fourth consecutive year the Design Museum hosts the finalists of The Brit Insurance Designs of the Year Awards, showcasing the best creations of 2010 from all over the world, including Brazil..
Although the Awards are relatively new, it has already established an important reputation within the creative industry and for the public, on the natural strength that the nominations are made by respected and very well know design professionals, like James Dyson and Gareth Williams.

The result is a group of iconic products, divided into the seven categories of architecture, fashion, furniture, graphics, interactive, products and transport, that definitely represents last year’s trends in fabrications, materials, manufacturing processes and consumer behaviour.

This year, one of the nominees in the furniture category is the Solo Bench (Banco Solo), designed by Brazilian artist Domingos Tótora. It`s only fair that Domingos’ work is recognised by an international institution, given that it ticks every box of the sustainability concept.

Solo Bench is made from recycled cardboard, but it can trick the eye of those who don’t take a closer look. The high quality of the manufacturing process – done by a group of local craftsmen in the countryside of the state of Minas Gerais in Brazil – and the smooth finishing make the cardboard pulp look like stone.

Domingos Tótora was nominated by Adélia Borges, a design curator and writer based in Brazil. She is the former director of the Museu da Casa Brasileira and has written six books on design, as well as several contributions to the international press.

This is what Adélia has to say about Domingos’ work: “This project is a good example of the initiatives that have recently taken place in Brazil, which promote craftsmanship to generate income for underprivileged populations, while also respecting the environment”.

This is a great step for Brazilian Design, which still has a long way to go, still in the process of finding out its own path.

By Heloisa Righetto


The Brit Insurance Designs Awards
16th Feb – 7th Aug
Design Museum
Shad Thames, London, SE1 2YD

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Banco Solo by Domingos Tótora (photo by Heloisa Righetto)

Photo credit, unless otherwise stated: Brit Insurance Designs of the Year photos, by Luke Hayes

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