Bianca Turner: Ancestral memories

Beginning on May15th, a video installation and a short film about memory, namely nostalgia, by the Brazilian performance artist Bianca Turner, will take place at 16mm Deli & Café. The whole exhibition is based on the memory processes, codes and the genetics memory; Bianca developed the work Saray from a research trip in Sarajevo, where her family came from, in order to link her own past with the way our brain stores long term and short term memories.

One of the main videos consists of a performance by Bianca sewing photographs of her grandmother and great grandmother. The location is a huge empty factory, representing the large space in our brains for short-term memory which can be filled with any new idea of memory or interpretation of what’s happened, and of our brain archives in our long-term memory. Be sure to make a mental note to drop by.

15th May – 9th June, 8am-9pm Mon-Fri, FREE
16mm Deli Café & Screening Room
19 D’Arblay Street, Soho, W1F 8ED
Oxford Circus • 020 7287 8892

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