The flavours of Brazil, with a twist

Alex Atala’s Rediscovering Brazil has reached London this week with a free exhibition, and Jungledrums is giving away three copies of the book to our readers


Brazilian chef Alex Atala is the owner of restaurant D.O.M. in São Paulo, which was rated was rated the 4th best restaurant in the world last year by the S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants. His establishment also holds the title of “Acqua Panna Best Restaurant In South America.” He’s known for transforming traditional Brazilian dishes, adopting European culinary techniques to native and often unusual Brazilian ingredients, as well as for his unorthodox techniques. His work includes saúva ants doused in lemongrass and foie-gras ice-cream).

He has now joined forces with food photographer Sérgio Coimbra and launched launch a art exhibition at the Coningsby Art Gallery, near London’s West End. It opens to the public today for four days, from 9am to 6pm and the entry is free.

The book highlights Alex’s journey throughout Brazil’s vast culinary landscape and his research into indigenous ingredients and the knowledge accrued over centuries by its myriad of tribes and peoples. D.O.M. Rediscovering Brazilian Ingredients took over five years to complete and showcases 60 recipes, all captured in detail through the lens of Sérgio Coimbra.

The exhibition consists of  22 images of ingredients from Amazonian rainforest to the very south of Brazil, such as oyster pane with tapioca marine, lime and banana ravioli and palm heart fettuccine.

Most of the images were photographed against a black background, Sérgio’s signature. The profound contrast between the darkness and the vibrant colours of many of the Brazilian ingredients provides a unique insight to the exotic gastronomy and culture of the largest country of Latin America.

Jungledrums is giving away three copies of the book to our readers. Just send an e-mail to with your name. We will announce the winners within a week, and we will then collect their postal address. Just in time for the perfect Christmas present!

Copies of D.O.M. Rediscovering Brazilian Ingredients will be on display at the exhibition and the book is available to buy at

The Coningsby Gallery is located at:
30 Tottenham St


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