A true tribute to football art

Tee time: Neymar & Ganso & Adriano & Ronaldinho

For those of you that are less than pleased or amused by the selection of players for the Brazilian national side for this World Cup, a t-shirt created by the designer Felipe Guga might well be right up your street!

The design is a play on the classic (Beatles/Ramones style) John & Paul & Ringo & Jorge t-shirt design, which now bears a football version of Neymar & Ganso & Adriano & Ronaldinho. And what was meant to be simply a joke by the bloggers of Urbe, has in fact become a bit of a hit. Carrying on the joke a little more, the t-shirt is now available on Urbe Outfitters, playing on the name of the chain high street store Urban Outfitters.

Keep an eye on these guys, as more releases are in the pipeline.

n.b. it looks as if the t-shirt is only available to those who live in Brazil – they cost R$35 and you simply need to get in touch via the email camisasdacopa2010@gmail.com

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