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New book on sustainable product design authored and edited by Brazilians educates consumers and professionals alike

If you had to choose one term that’s on everyone’s lips in the design world today, it would be ‘sustainability’. It has struck a chord in the market of product design and these designers were some of the few who knew how to capitalise on the benefits of working with such a fascinating concept, full of possibilities.

In order to show avid consumers the sheer range of products in the market, whilst serving primarily as inspiration for other professionals, Taschen has launched the book Product Design In the Sustainable Era, authored by Dalcacio Reis and edited by Julius Wiedemann, both Brasilians, graduated in design. Spread across over 400 pages it features 180 projects from 20 countries, exploring products like a chair made of old skateboards and a bicycle (above) that collects and filters water when pedaled.

“It’s important to highlight that what is sustainable today could be outstripped tomorrow, after all it’s a process that’s in constant evolution”, affirms Wiedemann. “It’s still difficult for people to understand the complexities involved in the creation and the development of a sustainable product; it’s necessary to have an educational process”.

The editor’s favourite item is the Bware Water Meter from the Israeli studio A2: a simple device that is applied to taps and showers which informs the user how much water is being used. Simple and intelligent, and definitely sustainable.

By Heloisa Righetto

Product Design
in the Sustainable Era
£24.99, 444 pages

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