Wilson das Neves – Pra Gente Fazer Mais Um Samba

In 2001, the British Producer Far Out Recordings reunited the Brazilian band ‘The Ipanemas’ for one more recording. That was the start of the international recognition for the drummer, singer and composer Wilson das Neves.
All 13 songs that make up his new album, Pra Gente Fazer Mais Um Samba, are composed by das Neves himself and as they say in Brazil, they stem from the roots of samba.

The term certainly is fitting for the type of music that Wilson believes in creating; in his own words “Nobody writes samba. It comes from our hearts, and in Brazil it’s like a part of us; I just keep playing without thinking too much about it”. Each track of the album sounds somewhat melancholic, partly due to the huskiness of Wilson’s voice, and partly owing to the fact that they reflect the golden years of samba.

By Andre de Oliveira



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