Weller, Weller: Da Lata go underground on their new album

It’s been nine years since Brazilian-influenced British duo Da Lata last released a studio album, but judging by a teaser that saw the light of the day this week, the upcoming new bunch of a songs, to be launched in early 2013 will bring a new twist – the album is still unnamed. Da Lata is ”literally” Going Underground, with a version of The Jam’s iconic track, featuring Brixton singer Floetic Lara. A stripped down version, with just guitar and vocals, has already hit YouTube.


Released as a limited edition 7” vinyl (as well as digital download), the single is paired with a new track, a catchy psychedelic samba that gets a delicious eeriness thanks to the contribution of British trombonist Dennis Rollins. The brainchild of producer Chris Franck and DJ Patrick Forge, Da Lata have recruited a team of World Music stars to chip in for the new album, including Mayra Andrade and Diabel Cissokho.

Now that’s what we call fusion.

Check out the new single on www.dalatamusic.com



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