Tucson-Havana – Amparo Sanchez

Amparo Sanchez
Pias Records

On her first solo album, Spain’s no 1 Mestizo diva and founder of the seminal Amparanoia brings together alt-country stylings thanks to collaborators from the band Calexico and Cuban influences with recordings at Havana’s legendary Egrem studios. Musically it’s an intoxicating blend that brilliantly straddles two worlds, at once conjuring the feel of a backroom diner in the Arizonan desert, and an old Cuban music hall whilst Amparo’s vocals maintain her unique Spanish vibe. Lilting Mariahci horns, atmospheric ballads, reggae-inflected bolero and a duet with Buena Vista heavyweight Omara Portuondo. At times it’s indulgently meandering but definitely worth it for the epic scope. [Don’t forget, if you dig this you’ll be able to catch Amparo Sanchez live at La Linea Festival, which will be taking place in April – plus we have tickets to some of the La Linea gigs up for grabs!].

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