The taste and sound of Peru

Some people say the currant economy climate in the UK is not friendly to opening new restaurants.  Other say that you would be crazy to launch a music label during this hard times. What about doing both? Well, that’s exactly what Anglo Peruvian Martin Morales is doing!

Joining forces with Duncan Ballantyne (ex Soundway, Naïve, Kartel & Far Out) Martin,  who runs Ceviche, a newly opened Peruvian restaurant based in Soho, has created Tiger’s Milk Records, a brand new record label aiming to release a series of singles that highlight vintage periods in Peru’s modern musical history.

The debut 7” is released on November 5th featuring a re-fried and horn laden funk version of ‘Meshkalina’ by Paco Zambrano plus a psychedelic, percussion heavy and dance-floor friendly cumbia from Juaneco.

Both tracks have been remastered and re-released for the first time since their original vinyl press. Stemming from an unbridled passion and determination to discover and celebrate the diversity and quality of music produced in Peru past and present,

‘Meshkalina’was originally written by progressive psych rock group Traffic Sound, a band inspired by the sound of Led Zep, Pink Floyd and The Beatles. Juaneco is a treasured musical icon in Peru due to their chicha sound, a style of music exclusive to Peru that came to roost out of the popularity of cumbia. Hailing from the Amazon with electric guitars and a musical appreciation of the modern Amazonian sounds of Brazilian Carimbo, Cumbia and Rock n Roll but with a large respect to huayno and the traditional elements of Peruvian culture.

Listen to sample of the tracks here and pre-order the album from here.

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