The kings of forró land in London

For the first time in London, dance to the amazingly contagious sound of Bicho de Pé, one of the most popular bands of Forró in Brazil. Support from London based Trio da Ilha and great tunes by DJ Forró Kindred.

Bicho de Pé’s first CD sold 120,000 copies. Since then they have supported the likes of Ivete Sangalo, Elba Ramalho, Zé Ramalho and Alceu Valença and performed alongside Chico César, Dominguinhos, Osvaldinho do Acordeão, Forróçacana, Falamansa, Rastapé, Planta e Raiz, Edu Ribeiro and Ponto de Equilíbrio, amongst others. They are currently working on their third album.

Finding time for a quick chat, JD talked to the band’s bass player Daniel Teixeira to discover a bit more about their success story…

You have been together for 12 years and forró has changed a lot in the last two decades. How do you view the path forró has taken compared with that of Bicho de Pé?
The band emerged in 1998, but we benefited from the increase of forró on the university circuit in 2001. There was great exposure for forró bands on radio and TV stations, but soon after the genre lost ground to other rhythms and genres and it went back to where it came from. That certainly made life very difficult for most of the forró bands formed around that time.

Bicho de Pé is a successful band in terms of CD sales, shows and media coverage. What makes you different from other forró bands?
We have worked a lot. Around five years ago we started to play in venues around Brazil, from commercial and corporate gigs to participating in cultural projects. Two years ago we released a double DVD of our live show, which included Chico César performing, and it also includes a documentary about our 10th anniversary. Together with the DVD we made a compilation of almost 20 songs from all our tracks and all of this together is sold at shows for 10 euros, which has contributed a lot to the band’s promotion.

What should we expect from the London show?
It’ll be packed full of songs from our 12 years on the road alongside some Brazilian folk music classics. Furthermore, all the shows in this European tour are being recorded and we’ll make a new video in Brazil as soon as we get back.


Sun 3rd Oct, 7pm, £15
London O2 Academy Islington
Buy tickets:
Or from the following locations:
Brazuca Hot Dog  NW1      |     Barraco NW6 / NW10     |     Bankete  E1
Bem Brasil  W1D / W1F     |     Casa Brasil  W2     |     Las Americas Butchers SW9

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