Spokfrevo to play Ronnie Scott’s

The last time Jungle attended a Spok Frevo concert (in 2009 on a Sunday afternoon at the Barbican) the show could not have ended better. After playing for about one hour, the 22-piece Orchestra decided to play the last song outside the main concert hall, inviting the public to follow them outside and creating a great atmosphere.

Now, the 22-piece Spok Frevo Orchestra, is back to play a couple of show at the intimate Ronnie Scotts. For those unfamiliar to their sound, Spok Frevo enhance traditional frevos with blistering new arrangements and opening spaces for jazzy solos and improvisations.

They’ve also added electric guitars and the forró-associated accordion to the nimble-fingered, frenzied rhythms of trumpets, piccolos, clarinets, trombones and saxophones – an intoxicating blend.

The Frevo is, outside Brazil, one of the least-known of its dance rhythms. It’s also, quite possibly, the most infectious. Frevo comes from the Portuguese word ferver (to boil) and is a kind of super-charged Polka and has its own umbrella-wielding dance.

The orchestra proposes to give frevo a different treatment with modern arrangements and refined harmonies. The musicians exploit the freedom of expression in improvisations with clear influences from jazz. “Frevo is a unique rhythm, different from all others, cheerful and with a special magic: the one to transmit happiness,” Spok explains.

SpokFrevo Orquestra
Mon 1st & Tue 2nd of July
Ronnie Scott’s
47 Frith Street
London, W1D 4HT
Doors 6pm, prices from £25 to £40

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