Roda de Samba takes over Westminster

Clube do Choro UK (CCUK), the first home of choro music in London will be celebrating the intoxicating rhythms of Samba with a traditional Roda de Samba from Clube do Samba UK on Saturday 25th May 2013.

Roda de samba is an icon of Brazilian national identity with its roots in Rio de Janeiro and Africa and is now recognised as a UNESCO Heritage of Humanity. It emerged during the end of slavery in Brazil,  as the newly freed slaves moved to Rio, they brought new rhythms to the city and the roda de samba grew alongside, and influenced by choro.

On the evening the audience will be able to listen to the CCUK house band, followed by the Roda de Samba from Clube do Samba where musicians sit in a circle (roda) so that they can see each other and are able to maintain eye contact. This enables them to facilitate changes in tempo and mood and to help with improvisation. Anyone wishing to play is welcome to join the Roda with their instrument. The roda will also be joined by lots of guest musicians and is open to all, regardless of musical ability. There will be dancing and Brazilian food all night.

Gaio de Lima founder of Clube do Choro UK explains: “This is not a concert where the audience only listens to the music, Choro is all about inclusion so it is a music event where the public can take part at anytime if they wish to. We are hoping to educate people about this traditional style of Brazilian music and hopefully show people that Brazil has more to offer than just Carnival!”

Clube do Choro UK is funded by the Arts Council England.

Clube do Choro at Westminster
Saturday, 25th of May
St Mary’s Church, Wyndham Place, London, W1H 1PQ
There will be workshops focusing on specific choro instruments and a choro dance class.
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  1. Hoover

    So that’s why they sit in a circle.

    And I thought they were sitting around a table because it’s a convenient place to put lots of beer.

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