Rising samba star Marina Rabelo tours London for the first time

Enchanting singer and TV presenter Marina Rabelo, winner of “I UniubeFest” in Brazil Nov/2011 with her new song ‘Afim do Samba’, promises to bring to the UK a setlist filled with most appreciated Brazilian sambas. Past events were a lot of fun with joy and good vibes throughout.

In London, Marina Rabelo will venture on a tour through several popular venues where Brazilian celebrities have already performed such as Fernanda Porto, Joao Sabia, Jorge Vercilo, Fabio Allman lead-singer of Monobloco, Do Amor (bass player and drummer are also part of Caetano Veloso’ s band), rapper Flavio Renegado, amongst others.

Most of the gigs will be presented in a “SAMBA TRIO” format featuring the versatile guitar player Lucas Berti and the talented percussionist Aluá Nascimento, son of Dinho Nascimento. Special guests will be enriching some of the performances. Soaked in tropical vibes, that’s a great way of enjoying the end of summer in the city.

Keep an eye to her agenda from now till the 22nd of September!

More info on the website www.marinarabelo.com

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