Radiochic-style Réveillon party at Favela Chic

With an African burst, Radioclit sees in 2011 at Favela Chic

Warmly welcoming in the start of the next decade, Old Street’s coolest Franco-Brasilian bar presents the party Secousse, led by Radioclit, marking the turn of the new year in true style: chão chão chão (“get down”, in other words).

The musical duo that make up Radioclit, Etienne Tron and Johan Karlberg, first became known in Brasil due to their collaboration on the Bonde do Rolê album – produced by the omnipresent Diplo, with tracks like ‘Geremia’ and ‘Divine Gosa’, though they were already causing a stir on the internet with their infectious podcasts.

In search of ever more unknown dancefloor sounds, today they’ve nestled comfortably in with bands from Africa. This flirting with the mother continent demonstrated the power of her seduction with the project The Very Best, comprising of a number of collaborations, amongst them being Esau Mwamwaya and the well-known Marina Gasolina. And it was with this that the duo supported Vampire Weekend on their tour.

Secousse, being both the name of the party and also their most recent album (see reviews on p.24), comes from ‘soukous’, which in Congolese means to stir, shake, agitate. So, get yourself ready for an Afro-electronic armageddon of kuduro, kwaito, baile funk, soucousse and hi-life. All this at the fingertips of Radioclit.


31st Dec, 8pm–4am, £20adv / £50 incl dinner
020 7613 4228

By Lívia Thimotheo

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