Os Ipanemas – Far from the Beach

Far from Ipanema, the bossa emperors strike back

The ‘beco das garrafas’, in Rio de Janeiro, is the legendary alley which witnessed the birth of world-renowned Brasilian bossa nova. It was right here that, in 1964, Wilson das Neves and Neco recorded a epic album called Os Ipanemas. The sound you could hear on all 12 tracks of the LP formed an unusual interpretation of bossa nova standards, with African and Latin rhythms.

In 2001, 40 years later, the British label Far Out Recordings reunited the drummer Wilson das Neves and guitarist Neco and released the album The Return of The Ipanemas. Its success was immediate and another four albums have been released since then. The band’s latest recording, Que Beleza, is a tribute to Neco, who passed away last year. The sound is brilliant and, after these 40 years, continues to be innovative. If this album was a team in the World Cup, it’d without a doubt be in the final…

By André de Oliveira

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