Newton Rocks! Chile Mixtape

This brand new mixtape from Newton Rocks! brings together some of the best new music being made in Chile right now, courtesy of a mash-up mix that would make Girl Talk jealous!

Among other things, Newton Rocks! Chile highlights the unique approach that Chileans have taken to modern music infusing electronica with pop, folk and indie-rock to make music that seems primed for the dancefloor. So, with no further ado, here is the mix, featuring the likes of Gepe, Javiera Mena, CHC, Los Mono, Fakuta, Denver and many more great new Chilean artists.

Also, make sure you check out DJ deMentira’s Último Lugar mixtape over at Sounds and Colours, also highlighting the new music coming out of Chile.

You can listen to more mixes from Newton Rocks! at

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