Most Beautiful Band in the City

On May 17th A Banda Mais Bonita da Cidade, from Curitiba, uploaded their new video to Youtube. In the two weeks that followed almost 5 million people have watched the clip and the band have been featured in numerous newspapers and now have gigs in Sao Paulo, with more to come. So, what’s all the fuss about?

If you hadn’t heard of A Banda Mais Bonita da Cidade before then you can be excused. They are one of an increasing amount of Brazilian acts who’ve managed to gain notoriety without having to step outside their door. Much of their following (they have 30,000 Likes on Facebook and 12,500 followers on Twitter) has come as a result of three videos they posted on Youtube.

The latest one, a video for “Oração” is the one that has really hit home, and it shouldn’t be too surprising for it’s a masterclass in feel-good camaraderie and single shot filmmaking. The video was filmed in just one take (with the music recorded at the same time) with the camera moving through six different rooms, as well as popping outside for a minute. As each room contains a different combination of singers and musicians the music constantly changes, morphing into new shapes while keeping the same melodic hook. Perhaps the best way to understand the video though is to watch it:

It took seven attempts for the band to pull off the video, but I think you’d have to agree they pulled it off in the end. Off it’s success the band have now landed a concert in São Paulo’s Studio SP in June, and the critics are referring to the band as being at the centre of a new Novos Curitibanos musical movement.

What is for sure, is that in “Oração” they have produced a video which will remain a talking point for some time, and shown an interesting way in which a band can become famous overnight.

Plus, you know something’s popular when it gets it’s own parody:

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