MBGroove’s New Brazilian Grooves

Throughout June, JungleDrums Online is teaming up with Sounds and Colours to bring you the newest sounds from Latin America. We begin with Brazil and DJ MBgroove presents Brasil Lado B (Part 2).

DJ MBgroove presents Brasil Lado B (Part 2) is a selection of some of the newest sounds coming out of Brazil, including the afro-beat of Criolo’s “Bogotá”, Afro-Samba from Metá-Metá, the tropicália grooves of Burro Morto and ingenious pop from Domenico Lancelotti and Mombojó. There’s lots more besides. See the tracklisting and listen to the mix below:

  1. Firebug – O preço (dub) #MBgroove edit#
  2. Domenico Lancellotti – Pedra e areia
  3. Miranda Kassin & Fratesc – 220 Volts
  4. Rhaíssa Bittar – Pombo correio
  5. Madalena Moog – festa de Maria
  6. Criolina – São Luiz – Havana
  7. Arícia Mess – Bate folha Jurema
  8. Andre Abujamra/feat: Luiz Caldas – Tem luz na cauda da flecha
  9. Caixa Preta – Tempo de Guerra/feat: Dona Su
  10. Jabu Morales – Gastrotema
  11. Marku Ribas – Sambatema
  12. Criolo – Bogotá
  13. Metá Metá – Ora ieé ieé o
  14. Burro Morto – Kalakuta
  15. Sobrado 112 – Café
  16. Lurdez da Luz – Ah Uh (Onomatopéias)
  17. Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra/feat: Curumin – Não vacila
  18. Junior Black – RGB
  19. Mombojó – Papapa

JungleDrums and Sounds and Colours will both be posting new mixes every week from different corners of Latin America, highlighting the new music coming from the region. This week we are both focusing on Brazil.

Go to Sounds and Colours to listen to PG Presents New Brazilian Music to hear even more new music from Brazil.

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