Marcelo D2 makes his UK return

Brazilians will no doubt be all too familiar with the name Marcelo D2, the ex-Planet Hemp member renowned for his blending hip hop with samba.

His time with Planet Hemp transformed the musician, but it’s obvious that there are now other priorities. If before the biggest cause was the legalisation of marijuana, today the his image has changed: a Brazilian artist of international acclaim, stylish appearance and even father of a family, what with his children’s occasional showbiz appearances.

To contradict any image of pandering to the mainstream, he launched his latest album, A Arte de Fazer Barulho (The Art of Making Noise). You have to be provocative, to show that all this being a celebrity malarkey doesn’t mean anything. And it’s on the wave of this album that he’s set to appear in London at the end of the month.

Following a lull of over four years, the singer finally returns to these shores. The last time was years back for Jungle’s 3 year anniversary celebration. “I loved playing in London, there at the Marquee Club, it was amazing. Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix already played there! For me this is the city which has got the strongest music scene”, explains D2, animated over his return this month.

And he’s every motive to be excited. Since 2006 he’s toured 21 countries promoting his music. But if to Brazilians the artists sound is original, what does it mean to foreign ears – how can the melody of samba fit to the direct lyrics of rap? He’ll be coming to win over the Greeks and Trojans. “Last time I performed here the vast majority of the audience was Brazilian. Now I’ve got a show which I’d really like the English crowd to see” he reflected, almost without pause going on to speak of the different musical styles which he’s been incorporating: regional or universal it doesn’t matter, hip hop samples anything.

Fan of London that he is, D2 admits he’s “been missing” the city and he’s thrilled to be coming back. And with a laugh he warns: “we’re gonna make some noise!”, playful as if he were still that naughty boy of ten years ago.

The other side of D2

There are many controversial stories about D2, but one in particular goes that he left a certain music star waiting at the studio. Twice. Worse than that though, he never turned up. The star in question is Caetano Veloso. D2 tried to make up with his image several times, saying he regretted his attitude back then. Although it happened in 1999, the story still crops up from time to time.

D2’s been considered a trend-setter in Brazil. And besides having owned a clothing brand he also worked as a reporter during São Paulo Fashion Week this year.

By Erika Tambke


Marcelo D2 @ Coronet Theatre
Sat 25th Sept, 9pm, £20 adv 020 7701 1500

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