Luisa Maita – a fresh and young emerging voice

Luísa Maita is part of the new and inspiring crop of female composers comprising Tiê, Tulipa Ruiz and Juliana Kehl. Even prior to her first album, Lero-Lero, her music had been recorded by the likes of Virgínia Rosa and Mariana Aydar. Maita is an observer of the daily lives of characters of a big city like São Paulo and this album brings together the memories from this vigilant character who has been musically influenced by samba and bossa nova ever since childhood. In ‘Lero Lero’ (roughly translating as an informal, aimless chat) samba is the predominant genre, whereas in ‘Alento’, Luisa shows the city through the eyes of a courier with a capoeira rhythm known as maculelê. In ‘Fulaninha’, she mixes baião, a style from the northeast of Brasil, with Jamaican dancehall. Like a playful child, Maita takes us through every alley and corner of the city in
the sway of her lero-lero.

By Francilene Oliveira

Luísa Maita’s album Lero Lero is out on

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