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Six weeks ago JungleDrums partnered up with Lívia Rangel from Eleven Culture and introduced the 30 most innovative and creative Brazilian music artists of the 21st century. Felipe Catto was the most celebrated artist on our Facebook community and on the article page.

So we decided him contact and find out what makes this young artist so powerful and exciting.

Lívia Rangel – You were the most celebrated artist in our article about innovative Brazilian musicians. Are you planning to come to London and the UK any time soon?

Felipe Catto –I can’t wait to return to Europe. Last year we performed in Lisbon, which was wonderful and exceeded all expectations. The European public welcomed me with a lot of respect. I would love to go to London, but that doesn’t depend on me. I rely on invitations from music festivals and other initiatives, because travelling with my entourage is too expensive. But I think I will be in the UK soon, it’s definitely on my to-do list.

LR – Universal Music, the largest music corporation in the world, embraced your debut album Fôlego in 2011, and they renewed the partnership two years later with Entre Cabelos, Olhos e Furacões. What is it like working with one of the most powerful music corporations in the world?

FT – It has been very cool. I think that any partnership has to be transparent from the beginning, which has been the case. They have their role, I have mine and it’s great to join forces and make the work happen. This is indeed a joint effort, and I’m more than happy to give the best of me. Being part of a big music label does not translate into alienation from production. Quite the opposite. It’s a two-way system, and it means that I have greater responsibility as an artist.

LR – Fala um pouco mais dessa experiência de integrar o catálogo da Universal. Já teve a oportunidade de conhecer os grandes ícones como Caetano Veloso, Edu Lobo, Gal? Sem falar na constelação que é o catálogo internacional da gravadora…

FC – It’s not quite like that. I would love to get to know all of them. I’ve met Caetano and Gal, they were very sweet, very cool, but I was deeply embarrassed! Lenine is a great guy, and there’s also Seu Jorge. The best part is taking the albums and the box sets home!

LR – You sing, play the guitar and compose your songs. Where do you feel at home the most, on stage or in the studio? Why?

FC – Without a doubt on stage, that’s where I feel like a complete artist. That’s where music becomes alive, where it pulsates, and that’s why I like doing it in real time. Everything I do is aimed at being there [on stage], even recording an album. The album is just an excuse for the stage.

LR – Your albums have reinvented old romantic rhythms like Tango and Bolero, making them more contemporary. How did these rhythms come into your life:

FC – Through radio and television. I love these songs, and I grew up listening to everything, ranging from Elis to Pixies. I love the lack of modesty in romantic music, and the despair in bolero. We all want to listen to something dramatic at the end of the night. This repertory proposes a very rock’n roll type of nudity. Maysa [Matarazzo] is a little rock’n roll, Elis Regina, Buika, La Lupe and Bola de Nieve. These artists are somewhat kamikaze.

LR – You once posted on Facebook that if you could be a song it would be Killing Moon by Echo and the Bunnymen. How does rock’n roll fit into your art? You once belonged to a rock’n roll band, is that right?

FC – Rock’n roll is my cradle. I come from Porto Alegre, where they take rock very seriously.  I thought that rock’n roll was an attitude rather than a sound when I became the front man of a power trio. I played the guitar and sang. We then disbanded and I started playing guitar on my own. That’s how the first songs were born, as well as the solo artist, with a name and a surname.

LR – Your compositions Saga and Adoração became big hits.  What kind of responses did your songs get in your latest tour? Which song do people request the most?

FC -That’s difficult to say. Both Saga and Adoração are very popular. The public enjoys singing along. Some songs have caught me by surprise, such as Passional, Ascendente em Câncer, Dia Perfeito. People also have requests outside  my repertoire, sometimes we have to improvise in the encore

LR – Who is the Filipe behind Filipe Catto?

FC – Someone compromised with his own spirit, with the truth and with constant transformations. Hair, eyes and hurricanes.

Click here in order to read this article in Portuguese.

Translated by V Manuel


  1. Vera Lúcia Concetta

    Congratulations for the interview with Filipe Catto! I like it very much! He’s the best singer I’ve ever knew!

  2. Congratulations for the great interview with Brazilian singer/performer Filipe Catto. Hope to see more info on his career on this page in the near future!

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