Join the Camden Carnival

‘Made in Carnival’  has partnered with JungleDrums and come up with an evening of Brazilian rhythms and entertainment in Camden.

Carnival goes way beyond samba, mulattoes and caipirinhas. It’s a state of mind, when people of all creeds and races get together to celebrate life.

We will unleash the spirit of carnival with four different setlists, curated specially for the occasion: Carnival Storytelling (DJ DiM), Bahia all times (DJ Lira), Just push play for fuleragy (DJ LoL) and Crossover BR-UK (DJ Amaral Amarall). The DJs will hit the downstairs dancefloor, while upstairs a band will be playing the most energetic Brazilian tunes.

The party will also see some of the best Brazilian illustrators and graphic designers featuring their art in the promotional material of upcoming events. In this first edition, the guest artist is Caramuru Baumgartner, from Pernambuco – the land of Manguebeat and also the most democratic Carnival in Brazil.

Toss toss! Confetti and stream rolls to be tossed in the air to get the festive scenario started. The first 40 people to arrive will get a special Carnival kit. And don’t forget to don your costume or your best frock!

Made in Carnival was conceived by Laboratory Anglo-Brasileiro (L.A.B.), a group of four Brazilian artists based in London: Christiano Amaral (filmmaker and DJ “Amaral Amarall”), Tiago Di Mauro, filmmaker (producer and curator), Lívia Rangel (culture journalist and editor at Eleven Culture magazine) and Carolina Nunes (culture producer and jewellery designer).

March 05th | 7 pm – 1 am | £6
Made in Brasil (Camden Town, London)
Band “Made in Brasil” (upstairs)
DJs Amaral Amarall | Lira | LoL | DiM (downstairs) -> Marchinhas | Frevo | Frevo Elétrico | Maracatu | Sambas | Música Baiana
Promo! Beer and house wine per £2,95 and caipirinhas (all flavours) £4,95
Costumes are welcome
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Partners: Made in Brasil | JungleDrums | | ElevenCulture

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