Join Da Lata’s exclusive gig in London

The long awaited new album ‘Fabiola’ from global beat pioneers Da Lata was released last month. Da Lata have started a new chapter in their memorable story, twenty years of Afro-Brazilian adventure and it’s definitely not over yet.

Tha album started taking shape in 2010 after Patrick Forge returned to London from living in Japan. He met up with Chris Franck and they took the first tentative steps towards making a new record. Drawing together a worldwide family of collaborators both old and new, they embarked upon a new era of Da Lata. ‘Fabiola’ their first album in ten years, features a host of talents who have all helped craft a record with a raw and live approach fusing Afro-Brazilian influences with a dance-floor sensibility.

Can their album be defined as solely ‘world music?’ Ultimately, it’s the melting pot of London that really lies at the heart of ‘Fabiola’, a city where cultures and tastes continually collide. ‘Fabiola’ is not bound by any set of rules, for all its authenticity in the musicianship and grooves, the tunes themselves seek out new territory beyond glib categorisation.

Characterised by Da Lata’s new “organic edge” and dispensing with programming and electronic production gimmicks, ‘Fabiola’s’ emphasis is definitely on the “real” in every sense. Written exclusively by Chris Franck and the various collaborators; Franck, Forge and studio wizard Toni Econimides are the team that have crafted ‘Fabiola’ into Da Lata’s most mature and accomplished album yet. Melding elements of Brazilian and African styles with everything from folk, rock and psychedelia to spoken word, soul and dub, ‘Fabiola’ tears down the divide between ‘world music’ and just about every other genre.

Da Lata will be performing a private gig at the Hospital Club in London’s Covent Garden, on December 4th. We are giving away a pair of tickets and of CDs, just email us your name at – we will announce the lucky winners shortly before the concert.

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  1. Lilly Nikolaeva

    Hello lovely people… I love your music – came to the Forge in August and me and my friends were looking forward to your gig on 2nd Dec but I heard it got vancelled. Pls I hope I will be lucky – we would love to see you Thanks and hope to win Good luck x

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