Jesuton: Rio diva from East London

Call it evidence that globalisation is here to stay or simply a typical right place at the right time situation, the fact is that Jesuton could be the hottest new British diva after being discovered on the streets of downtown Rio.

The East Londoner shot to fame after being spotted by a producer while going through her usual set list of Adele and Amy Winehouse songs and a guest spot on ‘’Caldeirao do Huck’’, a famous Saturday afternoon show on Brazilian telly, landed her not only a place in the Brazilian edition of reality show ‘’The Voice’’ but also a recording contract – as a matter of fact  her debut album ‘’Encontros’’ is already available on iTunes.

Check out Jesuton playing alongside Seu Jorge by clicking here.

But also pay attention to listings, for she might soon be popping up at these shores…




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