Jazzinho is back! Follow the recording diary of the new album

Jungle has just receive an email from Guida de Palma, lead singer from Jazzinho and we thought we should share with you, so here it goes:

“We are now working on a new Jazzinho album. We have created a blog documenting the process: how songs are written, arranged, recorded etc… we will film the various stages and report in almost real time.

The first instalment can be read by clicking here.

Warm regards

It has been almost 10 years since the first Jazzinho CD was release and almost seven since their last one, produced by Brazilian star Ed Motta. After playing lots of dates around Europe, Guida and husband Stephan moved to Lisbon where they are now trying to make the third album happen.

As the blog bluntly states: “This blog documents our efforts to create a new album. We should not be arrogant and believe we will succeed for sure.”

So, fans of Jazz and the amazing voice of Guida, we do recommend, keep your ears online and follow the creative process that might lead to another Jazzinho album.


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