Hit the Afro-Brazilian house party

The second edition of this vibrant celebration of Afro-Brasilian culture from Bahia, with DJs from London and Brasil plus Everaldo Pereira and his amazing dancers.

Sat 4th December
8pm-2am, £8 / members £5
Battersea Party Rooms, 74-76 Battersea Bridge Rd – SW11


In London, October’s when the weather starts turning really chilly – but if it were to depend upon Paul Hudson, from House Party Brazil, it would only get warmer.

Launching on Sunday 24th, this event promises to bring the full flavour of Salvador to London whilst at the same time making people feel they are chilling out at somebody’s house.

The idea was born out of the house parties that Paul organises in his apartment in Salvador, where he spends most of his time when not in London. Hosting photo exhibitions, music performances, capoeira and other art forms, his project splits the profit of the parties between the participating artists. The result brings an informal and intimate atmosphere, where the performances emerge spontaneously in the moments when people are simply taking in the mood and enjoying the party.

This time though, Paul intends to blend the laid-back attitude of Salvador with a more London environment and vibe, evoking the feeling of a Sunday Tea Party to this afternoon and evening of activities. The idea is to offer a programme where music and other performances are integrated and naturally come out of the crowd, paired up the catalysts of with caipirinhas and Brazilian food. But beyond that, the first edition of House Party Brazil will also mark a very special occasion, celebrating 12 years of Nu Tempo Dance Company in London, from dancer/choreographer Everaldo Pereira.

Everaldo, who came from a small town in Sergipe directly to the metropolitan London, told us why there are plenty of reasons to celebrate the story of his company. To start with, his work has been rapidly gaining recognition throughout his career; for example, when he was awarded a scholarship to study at the most prestigious dance school in his region. Soon he began assisting this studio’s artistic director, choreographing dance pieces when still a child and exploring from this stage his characteristic dance style.

Later, when he was the winner of the VIII Seminário International de Dança in Brasilia, he was awarded another scholarship: this time to train professionally in the UK, at the London Studio Centre. The choreographer did not deny having been through a number of difficulties over here, however, it was his motivation and audacity which pushed him forwards and made him continue his company’s work in a foreign territory.

In terms of the trajectory of his life, he admitted not having fear of trying new pathways, but he just doesn’t want to miss out on any opportunities. And he affirms, with a big smile and contagious optimism: “Whatever is yours, nobody takes away from you. That’s why I don’t have any fear. What would I have fear of?” So, if you want to check out the fruits of Everaldo’s work and the programme that he and Paul have put together simply come along and have a caipirinha with them at the Battersea Party Rooms on Sunday the 24th!


House Party Brazil
Battersea Party Rooms (above the Draft House Westbridge pub)
24th Oct, 3pm – midnight, £8 / £5 members* & guests
housepartybrazil.co.uk 020 7228 6482
*membership is free by signing up to the newsletter!

And here are some more details of the running order and what the night has in store:

The party will be kicking off with some songs from Bahian singer Eloisa Keller accompanied by Franklin dos Santos at 4.30pm. At 6pm there is some great Capoeira dancing from Abada Capoeira.

Elisangela da Bahia will be transporting everybody down to Pelourinho in Salvador at 7.15pm when she performs in her fantastic Baiana costume and at 8.30pm the amazing Adma CM Newport will perform with the highly talented Anselmo Netto on percussion. She will be joined on stage by Natema at 9pm who will present a complete set of their unique mixture of electronic music and Brazilian roots.

London based DJ & Music Producer with The Schizofreniks since 2004, DJ Blue will be hosting the party playing his usual mix of uplifting funky house with some special tracks from Salvador throughout the afternoon and evening.

There will also be an exhibition of some amazing paintings by Salvador based artist Uelington, some very special appearances of costumed Orixás (African Gods) from Everaldo Pereira, plus some extra surprises throughout the afternoon and evening.

By Mafê Toledo

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